A forum for asking and answering crime scene investigation, applied forensics, and police procedure questions for fiction or non-fiction writers. Writers are invited to ask and crime scene investigators, forensic scientists, and medical practioners are invited to answer. Of course, experienced writers are invited to help the newer ones and each other.

General rules and housekeeping:

New books and publishing contracts are allowed, but please don't post rankings, number of sales or ask us to vote for your book.

Please send any ***congratulations and thanks privately*** rather than posting them on the board. If you'd like to send something to a poster, you can get the email address by clicking on the sender's email name and copying the email address that comes up. 

Please don't post chapters for critique. We are not a critique service provider.

Links to blogs relating directly to crime, suspense, or the writing industry are welcome. But please send any "great blog" or "great link" response posts privately. Substantive discussions on the topics relevant to our group are welcomed.

Please make sure your subject headers reflect the content of your post.

Please trim your posts (keeping relevant info to which it was referred) so our members on digest don't have to read through miles of the same portions of posts.

Your cooperation and professional courtesy are appreciated.

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