This group is completely focused on imaginative discussion of the shipping status of Elecraft K4, K4D and K4HD rigs and their accessories.  Minimum participation requires that you list your order date, order number, product ordered, group number (1,2 or 3), and (when recieved) your email notification date and delivery date in an amusing way.  Once you receive any flavor of K4, you will be removed from this list since we are starting with a 100 member limit since its free AND you won't care about the shipping status any longer because you've got yours.  If you are simply trying to decide whether you want to buy a K4 based on this group's complete SWAG (scientific wild-assed guess) about delivery status, you are welcome to join as long as you have an entertaining reason with some level of whining.

This group encourages creative whining, imaginative prognostication and completely unreasonable expectations as long as they are amusing.  Boring comments will trigger immediate expulsion from the group...mostly because, again, we only have a 100 member limit and life is too short for boring...and its free.

We also have our Tuesday shipping status contest (since that happens to be the day Elecraft is updating their status page).  As of Tuesday (whatever time zone you are in as long as it's Tuesday) each week, all members need to submit their calculation of current date minus order date in days.  We will accumulate our score based on the total days submitted divided by number of entries.  Our goal is to reach ZERO!!  The byproduct of this contest will be an estimated wait time between ordering and receiving a K4 (minus shipping time, of course).  Complete success and Group shutdown will occur when our Tuesday contest registers ZERO for three weeks in a row.
If these rules fit your interests and skills, come on down!  Please enter your order date, order number, group number, product ordered when requesting admittance to the group.  If there is no way to do that when joining, just join anyway and we'll sort out the details after entry...or remove you.  By the way, this is the first group I've ever moderated so expect this adventure to be bumpy!

Happy whining!
Bob K5WA

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