Rule's and Guidelines
New Members Must send within 24 hours
***Participation is Required at least 2 or 3 times a week to remain in the group. If you don't share at all you will be removed. Everybody is expected to share
Why join  if your not going to share at all.  What makes the group when everyone shares.
****Inactive members will be removed without notice*****

Participation is monitored for activity so please dont have to be put on no mail or removed from group

Creators you only share what you create .. No snagged stationery

***You can also share Graphics,Tubes, Masks,Scrap Kits, Tutorials etc. anything that is PSP related.*** 
that we can use to create with.

SAC in good taste, is acceptable. If anything comes through this group that you do not like, use delete button

Be sure to Mark your email accordingly such as SAC

No Full Frontal Exposure
NO politics; religion & politics have started wars.
NO x-rated allowed

Never share anything outside the groups, that
are stated not to such as DNS.
Send a Link for Scrap Kits or Tubes make sure you state that in the subject line please..
Do not resend the sends others are sending.
Most of all Let's Have Fun
All Rules Are Subject To Change At Anytime..

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