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Hi & Welcome to Creative Designs

Group is for Creators & Ladies Only.. You must share only what you create no snagged stationery.
Group is rated G to SAC

Must have incredimail to join. If you don't  have it you can get it here:

***You  can also share Graphics,Tubes, Masks,Scrap Kits, Tutorials etc. anything PSP related.*** 
that we can use to create with.

We will also do challenges to make the group little more interesting. If you are a tutorial writer you can send them to the group so we all can give it a try. 

New Members Must send within 24 hours
Participation is Required at least  2 or 3 times a week to remain in the group. If you dont share at all you will be removed.
Why join a group if your not going to share at all. What makes the group when everyone shares.
Participation is monitored for activity

Inactive members will be removed without notice
No Lurkers allowed.
No Full Frontal Exposure
SAC in good taste is acceptable. If anything comes through this group that you do not like, use delete button
Be sure to Mark your email accordingly such as SAC

NO politics; religion & politics have started wars.
NO x-rated allowed.

Reply's will go to the members email address not thru the group!

If something comes up & you need to go on No Mail use Special Notice Feature Instead.There is no need to contact me. I know you have a personal life & you may need to take a break..

Click Join and start having fun!

Thanks for joining...
We do not claim any artwork here as Only the letters we created. Materials used have been shared in groups or found on the web. No disrespect is meant to any artist and/or their artwork

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