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We are a creative group of U.S Mixed Media ARTists! This is a great place for those who love creating and trading ART.. We love to hear about your talents, and ART knowledge, However we are also here for one another and share from our Hearts..

We have monthly 1 on 1 swaps...
As Mixed Media ARTists we swap many forms of Paper ART, Handmade Cards, ATC's, Tags, Albums, etc..As well as altered ART!
**All ART sent out MUST be GOOD quality workmanship**
Random Acts of Kindness are encouraged.. 
We also have monthly challenges, & an occasional Bingo game..

Rudeness will NOT be tolerated, Please keep all posts appropriate and Be KIND. 
We are a "High Volume" chat group...
You MUST be an ACTIVE member to remain a member, so please join us in chatting and/or swapping.. 

PLEASE be sure to answer the questionnare before your membership can be approved... 

Group Owner - Chrissy
Group Owner - Rita
Group Owner - Penny

Group Moderator - Diann

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