Luso dream crankup tower for sale

Andre VanWyk

I decided against installing a second Luso tower on my property as we might be travelling more than previously planned. So, I am selling a new never installed dream tower. I received this tower in 2021 and it has been sitting here on it's belly tempting me. I am going to start by saying this is a very high end expensive tower and not a DIY tower install.

If you saw the Luso tower at Dayton (this one is larger than any displayed at Dayton) in previous years you will appreciate the engineering and quality on a Luso. There is nothing to compare this to. Each section is on roller bearings and operation is whisper quiet..
The tower is a Luso 170XX rotating crankup tower. The tower height extended is 170ft without the 24ft x 6.5" OD steel mast and the tower base rotor height. With all installed you are close to 190ft to the tip of the mast. The tower has the following options:

  1. XTC enhanced controller and wind detection system (lowers the tower to user programmed heights at different wind speeds / gusts. (I live on a hill with gusts at times and this option works wonderful on my existing installed Luso)
  2. XTR Tower rotor base.
  3. Elevator taking you up to the mast when tower is retracted with motorized fold over platform so you can walk out to the 6.5" mast. (This tower is one of only two Luso 170's in the world with an elevator.)
  4. Heavy duty antenna side mounts and mast steps so you can mount stacks or large yagis on both the mast and on the sides of each section.
  5. Foundation cage etc etc

This tower is capable of handling 107 Sq.ft of antenna and 1650 Lbs  of payload. ( I have M2 OWA yagis that I planned to install on this tower from 40m-10m that I can throw in the deal. I sold the 3 element 80m yagi.)

The tower is at my QTH near Little Rock and will have to be transported on two semi's. The counterweights weigh 16,000lbs each so good size crane required for loading and unloading. You get the picture.

Although this is my personal tower, my company is Luso Japan's NA partner so we can offer professional turnkey installation to the prospective buyer.

I am selling this tower at 60% of what it would cost you today. It is still a chunk of change but you get what you pay for and this is a once in a life opportunity to get a Luso 170 already here in US. I am also open to interesting partial trades (no junk, rocket launchers, puppies or kittens of course) and no towers or antennas. I have enough! I am including some photos when the tower was delivered to my QTH for reference.

Buyers are invited to come look at the tower and I will also take you to the same model tower we installed not far from here to demonstrate operation. Airport code is LIT.

Serious buyers only please. Contact me off list. My Email is good on 

Best 73

Andre VanWyk,  NJ0F
RFC2 Telecom 

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