Re: New guy update - EZ-Way


I have a 40' AlumaTower mounted on an MP2. I dug my hole with a shovel, post-hole diggers, and my shop vac. In an effort to keep my hole tight I would break up the dirt and suck it out with the shop vac after I was about 3 feet deep. Then after 6.5' deep put the MP2 into the hole. when refilling I used a water hose as I filled it back in. My tower has survived two hurricanes and a few tropical storms in SouthWest Florida. No concrete is needed. My tower is still strong and true like the day we installed it. 

Since we were just across the state from AlumaTower I rented a Uhaul truck and picked it up at the factory and saved a great deal in shipping. Go a tour of the shop in the process. 

AlumaTower is the way to go!

Rich, KR4PI

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