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6" diameter. Sorry if that wasn't clear.


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What diameter pipe?....

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I ran two 6" pieces of drainage pipe, without the holes. I drilled some of my own holes along the bottom at the lowest point on the run because there will be water. 

I'm currently running 6 pieces of 1/2 heliax, rotor cable, and the tower control cable through those and there's a little room for growth. All bends used 45 deg. adapters and I was able to push each piece of cable through the 50' run without using a pull line. I have two lines in there though in case I want to pull something else less rigid.  


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I'm planning on running a pvc sleeve from the house to the tower...trying to figure the size of pipe that would be the best..

I'm planning on running  4 or 5 .....1/2 hardline...

So...2 inch.....3 inch ...4 inch ?   What is the best size that allows easy installation and future service ?

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