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Dino Darling

I can drive around the corner and take a picture of a W-51 thats folded over in half. He didn't have it all the way up and only a KLM KT-34XA on it at the time.

A common problem with the TriEx towers is the crimped tower leg guides at the top and bottom and lack of a sufficient drain hole at the bottom. The legs fill with water and corrode from the inside out. Unfortunately these very crimps prevent the hot galvanizing liquid to get inside sufficiently. I usually will drill a small weep hole in them if the factory hole gets plugged up with metal flakes. Water usually comes pouring out. TriEx owners should take a wire and clean out those bottom holes!

I had one guy that wanted me to tram a 5-el 20M and a 3-el 40M with the tower cranked half way down to "clear the roof". I refused because of the water that came out of the legs. He got Hector to do it and I understand he wasn't excited to do it either.

With the amount of surface rust on the outside, I'd cut it up and scrap it. I just took down a 72'  one in Granada Hills and cut it up. All the legs had water in them about half way up. I found out when the cutting wheel broke through.

Even if you get it apart, acid washed, and re-galvanized, the leg thickness may be compromised. Just keep that in mind when you load it up.

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Well this one went in around 1975. You can see some of the crusty stuff in these shots. I'd just feel a lot better if everything was cleaned up, inspected, refurbished and put up for another 40+ years of service...

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