Re: Need Tower Guy near Austin Texas

Herb Celler

Rent yourself a 60 foot hydraulic lift . That's what I did.Try United rental they are Nation wide 

On Thu, Apr 1, 2021, 5:44 PM Scott Kerr <skerr@...> wrote:
A good friend of mine is a Ham who lives in Wimberly, just south of Austin, Texas. He is former President of the Collins Collectors Association and has an incredible display of Collins gear. He has a 55 foot USTower crankup with a Tennadyne Log. The log has lost its balun and it is far enough out on the boom that the log is going to have to come down to repair. He is now at the age where he can no longer climb and wants to hire someone to do the work. He also needs some minor maintenance on the tower while someone is there. The tower install was well done and is in good shape at this time -- he wants to get back on the air.

Does anyone know of good tower install/maintenance guy in that area?

Scott KE1RR

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