Re: tower recommendations



I also live in SW Florida, in Fort Myers. I do not live in an HOA controlled area. I have a 40' Crank Up/Tilt Over tower from Aluma Tower. The tower is configured with the MP-2 mount which is a steel pole 6.5' feet into the ground without cement. It survived Hurricane Irma with no issues. It also survives the frequent microbursts which often have winds in excess of 70 mph in the summertime. 

My wife and I rented a truck and drove across the state to the factory and picked up the tower. We got a tour of the factory while we were there and were very impressed. Solid tower, solid company. Tower has been up for several years now with no salt air corrosion. 

I recommend giving AlumaTower a call and get one of the 40' towers. Well worth the money.

Rich, KR4PI

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