Re: Just order my first tower - Aluma T-50HN with MP-2 mounting Pole


Great choice on a tower and mounting option. I have had my 40' for 5 years nows without any issues. The hole for the MP-2 was a little difficult to dig. 6'6" deep while remaining narrow is a challenge but results in a very solid installation. My tower survived Hurricane Irma a couple of years ago no issue. I folded it over and then secured the end to the ground through ratchet straps and ground anchors. As soon as the wind calmed it was back up and I was passing ARES traffic. 

One hint in digging the hole for the MP2. I used my shop vac to dig the hole while keeping it narrow. I dug the top with a post hole digger and shovel. As I got deeper I would break up the dirt with a long pole and sucked it out with my shop vac. Nice 6'6" hole but only a little more than a foot across. When you mount the pole then backfill while running your water hose. It makes a great mount. I have no guy wires and it is as straight as it was the day I installed it. 3 ground rods around the base.

Send us some pics when it is done!

Rich, KR4PI

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