Re: Hole for Wonder Post


I have the same mount for my AlumTower. If you are not in too terribly rocky ground a shop vac works great. Dig the first couple feet with a post hole digger and shovel. But then it gets difficult to dig such a small hole down to 6+ feet deep.  I used my shop vac to suck up the dirt. I would break it up with a long metal bar and then vacuum it up. It is not too difficult to empty the shop vac every so often. I attached the nozzle of the shop vac to a pole so It was easy to control it as it gets deeper in the hole.

My tower survived Hurricane Irma a couple of years ago so I know the MP-2 mount is very stable.  When you backfill just run some water into the hole as you go and it makes a pretty solid mount. 

Even if you burn up your shop vac (you won't) it is cheaper than a backhoe and makes a much more compact of a hole. Have fun and enjoy the new tower!

Rich, KR4PI

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