Re: coax cable and crankup towers

Andre VanWyk

Forget hardline on a crankup. It was designed for fixed installations. 
I would recommend Times Microwave LMR400UF or LMR600UF.

On Dec 7, 2019, at 10:42 PM, William Hensley <whensley11@...> wrote:

Hello everyone.  Thank you for your responses both here and privately.
There were just a handful.

Several of you said not to do it.

My reason for considering hardline is 125-ft from the shack to the top of the tower - and I want to use 1296.  Yes, I can go the way of a preamp.

There was one installation using hardline - several of them.  Multi-band.  This ham accomplished it by using one tie-off at the top of the tower.  Of course, raising and lowering the tower required oversight because of the cables.

I would only have one run of hardline.  Right now I am leaning towards that, but I have a few other considerations, like multi-band vhf/uhf antennas and how to handle these.

I hope I can remember to report back later on what I do.

73, Kim - WG8S

On December 7, 2019 at 9:09 PM Bob K6UJ <k6uj@...> wrote:


I am waiting for responses to your question.  I am thinking about using hardilne to my crank up tower and up the tower to the antennas with a section 
of RG213 for the rotator loop.  My question is how do you handle the hardline when you crank the tower down for maintenance or antenna work, can you 
loop the hardline in a big say 8 foot diameter coil on the ground ?   


On Dec 7, 2019, at 2:55 AM, William Hensley < whensley11@...> wrote:

Hello all!

What can you tell me about crankup tower installations using hardline?  Experiences?  Things to know?

Thanks & 73,

Kim - WG8S


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