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Andre VanWyk

In my opinion the “big guns” as we call them mostly use OWA monobanders (sometimes stacks of them as you know!). There are limitations to what you can put on a crankup. Having said this, after playing around with lots of antennas from vendors and home built, I came to the conclusion that there are two antenna types that works very well on a crankup. One is interlaced monobanders on a single boom and the other is the SteppIR antenna. For the real estate that is takes on a tower vs the performance and amount of bands you get, these two are hard to beat unless you are put up a couple of monoband yagis on your mast and satisfied with two bands.
I tried a lot of variations over the years from a “Christmas Tree” of 10/15/20m yagis on a 20ft mast  to a tribander with a 2 element “shorty forty” above it,  to a TH11 with a 2 element linear loaded 40m yagi on top of it. There was always some sort of interaction. I think my most effective attempt was the TH11 with 2 elem Cushcraft above it it, turned 90º from the TH11.
We all (well, most of us) have to make and live with compromises when it comes to antennas but I think it ultimately comes down to:
  1. How much we want to spend.
  2. What is allowed where you live.
  3. Tower loading limitations.
  4. Rotor limitations.
  5. Vertical real estate on that 2” mast!
As someone mentioned, 20 and 40 is pretty much our go to bands for the next few years so I think if you cover those two well, with some other antennas for 80/160, you are set.
The Hawk is not a small antenna by any means so without looking into it, I would guess once you have a Hawk on your crankup, there would not be room left for much else, but you would have two monobanders on the tower! For hurricanes I would guess crank it down and hope for the best! – and make sure you have insurance for your antenna system.

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Good morning, guys,
If I bought the 3rd element for the Hy-Gain Dis-72, turning it into a Dis-73, and put up my 4 element 20 meter Yagi  I would be forever wishing I had 10/12/15/17.
For the past four years I have been enjoying a new QTH with room for plenty of antennas and comparing each new one to the old one.  I am greatly enjoying the Force 12 C4-XL, and routinely have a big or biggest signal.  But when I join the truly big boys on 14.160 or 7.163, I am barely an also ran.  Clearly there is room for improvement.
I have a HexBeam above the C4-XL for comparisons and worry it is adversely interacting with the C4.  My next step will be to remove it and replace it with beams for 440/2/6 as the top of my stack of stuff.
Reference the C4 as a C3, it is comparable to the TH-7DXX.  I have owned both the TH-6 and TH-7DXX and have a lot of respect for them.  I have the publication “HF Tribander Performance: Test Methods & Results, 2nd edition by Silver and Morris.  The sum of average gains for the C3 is 10.3 dBd while for the TH-7DXX it is 9.8 dBd.
I have yet to hear a JK Hawk in the mix of big guns.  But I have just started listening.  I am sure they are out there.
I do worry about the weight and size of the JK Hawk and potential hurricanes here in Florida.
Thank you for the discussion
Terry - W6LMJ

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Andre beat me to it!
Dino - KX6D

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Why not get a 20m / 40m interlaced yagi. JK makes on called the Hawk. 5 elements on 20m and 3 on 40m. Separate feed lines as it is essentially two monobanders on one boom.
I am sure there are others like M2 also making something similar 
This makes a lot of sense for a crankup tower especially the fact that you won’t have to deal with vertical separation issues.

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I wonder if anyone has a recommendation on a 40-meter beam?

I have a Force 12 C4-XL on a LM-470 but am thinking about switching to a 3 element 40-meter beam and using a 4 element Yagi on 20-meters.

All comments appreciated.

Terry - W6LMJ


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