Discussion group for hams interested in the convenience and safety of ham radio antenna towers that can be maintained from the ground. Includes tiltover and crankup towers, accessories, antenna application notes, installation and maintenance. 

For Sale and "want to buy" postings are welcome. Please ask for direct replies "off the reflector." Tower and accessory vendor representatives are welcome to join and post photos, links, and files for their products and services. 

Caveat: Owners, Al / NN4ZZ and Jon / W4ABC don't have a financial interest in any of the tower vendors.  Guenther / VE3CVS does provide safety and convenience accessories for tiltover towers at his company Degen Designs that were previously NN4ZZ products. 

TiltPlate for yagi antennas 

QuadLock for cubical quad antennas 

HexLock for hexbeam antennas 

More information at the DEGEN DESIGNS web page:

The NN4ZZ Tiltplate web pages remain active for reference and support:

Photo is U S Towers MA-850 with motors on both the crankup and tiltover winches.

Members of the forum can:
- Post questions and share information 
- Create photo ALBUMS and post pictures of your station 
- Add to the LINKs section for your web page, other related pages, blogs, vendors links, etc
- Post documents in the FILES section 
- Post "for sale" and "want to buy" - please request for replies "off the forum"

- Keep it professional, friendly and fun
- No personal attacks, be courteous
- Provide your call sign when requesting to join 
- Provide your name / call when posting messages
- Use your call sign in the name when creating a photo ALBUM

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