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We are dedicated to exchanging information about health, and to support ourselves and each other in our journey to become more whole. Membership in Conscious Healing is open to all who are interested in natural health and science. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Integrative Health / Complementary Medicine /"Alternative" Medicine. (Actually, allopathic medicine is "alternative," since holistic health has existed for much longer.) Integrative health may incorporate diet and nutrition, herbs, vitamin and mineral supplements, aromatherapy and essential oils, and oxygen therapies. Practitioners of integrative health may practice naturopathy, homeopathy and chiropractic, among other modalities.

  • Electromedicine. "Electromedicine" is defined as any modality that uses electricity, magnetism, electromagnetic fields, AC or DC current, low or high frequencies, static electricity, heat, infrared, far infrared (FIR), ultraviolet (UV), pulsed fields (many types), colored light, or sound. Electromedicine also includes Rife Frequency Therapy, as begun in the 1930s by Royal Raymond Rife.

  • Politics and Grassroots Activism as they relate to Health and Natural Living

  • Science, Natural Science, Alternative Energy, Physics, Gardening, and Technology

Please note our position on discussions of religion, "new age" thought and esoteric spirituality. As everyone has their own ideas of what is "right," we really don't like proselytizing, preaching or lecturing here. However, explaining your beliefs and why you feel as you do, is allowed as long as you don't preach or condemn anyone else who believes/feels differently.

All discussions are conducted with ACCOUNTABILITY, TRANSPARENCY and RESPECT.

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