Re: State of the art?


Ah, I see. Thanks for the explanation.

In fact I might enjoy some experimentation myself… but I currently lack the experience and want to complete at least one binewt before committing myself to another endeavour.
So a MoM it is then. Once I get tired of using that, I may return to CMM. Until then I will just follow the developments here from a distance.

Btw: have you documented your figuring experiences somewhere?

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It is what it is, not very active, but a place to post about this topic.

For myself, I'm quite a ways down the building process and will be returning to that following a bathroom remodel I'm currently working on.

But this is not likely to be a "how to do it" resource, more like a "how I did it", or "how it might be done" sort of resource.  Everybody has their own ideas about how that works.

My particular approach is quite complex (on the machinery/coding side) and based on some years of development of the actual figuring techniques that will lend themselves to full x-y control with feedback for the figuring process drawn from automated testing.  The latter is absolutely necessary for what I'm building, but YMMV.  I'm not done with these machines and so there's no "there-there" there yet. ;)

I can see where people could gain a lot from automation of the polishing machine.  I know personally that Carl Zambuto is following this route, because we share notes and tech occasionally.  

So what would be excellent is sharing whatever you find works well that you feel like sharing.  The group exists mostly because James Mulherin mentioned to me once that he'd really like to see it online, so that's where it came from.


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