Re: State of the art?


On Sunday, November 17, 2019, 04:06:52 AM PST, Rien <lugt@...> wrote:

With pivot position I meant the mounting of the tool/lap with the rod that drives it.
The MoM manual calls it the swivel or leveling pad.

Btw: I saw earlier that you wanted to actively rotate the lap. How do you then connect the lap to the drive-rod?
(I can think of some solutions, but are curious as to how you would do it)


For non-driven (free spinning) tools I've used cast iron pipe plugs embedded in the tool with the free area (opposite the threads) at the top, receiving a stainless rod.  For the CNC work though it changes to a threaded insert that the driving arm locks into.  Then the polisher can be rotated under control clockwise.  I don't have pics currently but I'll take some to post.


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