State of the art?


What is the current state of things in CMM?

I have been reading the posts in the yahoo-group, and there is imo little to no information in there that would help me in tackling this subject by myself.

Nor did I see any signs that a CMM project has been concluded with the production of an actual mirror.

Is there a ‘there’ there?

Background: I am in the process of returning to the ATM hobby after quite some time of inactivity. The things I want to do is making my own mirrors and scopes. I have (a long time ago) made my own 6” mirror in a mirror making class. And I wanted to mechanise that part. The obvious choice would be the MoM. But a week or 2 (3?) ago I stumbled across this group. Since I am a SW engineer with electronics background, a CNC-CMM machine has a certain appeal over the MoM.

In addition I have started the construction of a CNC for my other hobbies (mainly RC planes) so building a second one for mirror making should be no big problem once I get the first up and running.

So, what’s up?

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