Clocksmiths is for those who have either a direct or indirect tie to horology with the focus on repair, sales and expertise. 

We discuss Repair, Procurement of Materials and Services, Research, Selling, Construction, Preservation, Clock Appraising,
and the Business of Running a Repair/Retail Shop. 

Clocksmiths is devoted to those intently involved in the horological trade. 

We are trying to limit membership to those that, at least somewhat, depend on repairs and/or sales as some source
of income and if not then we'd like those that can bring significant expertise in one 
or more specific areas of horology.
Those who made their living from horology and are now 
retired are welcome as well.  We are not looking to be a
teaching group per say, so beginners 
looking for instruction are asked not to apply.

Your membership affiliation with NAWCC, AWCI, or other recognized horological affiliation is a plus but does not
automatically qualify you for admission. The NAWCC and others are great 
organizations but our concern is that they
usually promotes "freebies" and not paid professional 
service. We are not knocking these organizations, but being
a member of these organizations does 
not tell us if you are in the repair field seriously. 

Current members trying to change their E-mail address should look in the upper right on the top of this Web page.  There you should see your name. 
Click on the downward arrow and then click on account.  It is there that you can change your E-mail address and/or password if you wish.

For those that did not set up a password when we transferred from Yahoo, please see the following link and read:

This group has been on the Web continuously on various platforms since December 9, 1995, started by Mike Murray and moved to 08/09/2018.
We average about 15 E-mails a day, with about 1/3 of that total being new requests.  Most fall into needing repair help or research category.

A brief resume describing your experience in horology may be required if your answers to the questionnaire cannot be verified or are incomplete.

If you apply via the Web, you will automatically receive a confirmation E-mail.  Once you have replied to that E-mail, then the List Owner will send the
questionnaire.  Or you can apply for 
membership via E-mail directly to: . If you do not receive the questionnaire within
3 days, 
contact one of the following Moderators: 

If you are approved, you will be required to send the group your resume.  It can be very short or as long as you'd like.

Ern Grover [service at], co list owner

Mike Murray [mike at], co list owner,

Stan Stocker [skstocker at]. Moderator

Bill Burns [ftldny at]. Moderator

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