Re: Botham coming fast!

Steve Weinert

Good intentions here to attend set aside by the sudden changings in
international travel. Family arriving/returning from overseas during the
run up to the event, and I both won't get a chance to come down but also
worry that my virus exposure bubble being burst so thoroughly suggest I
should social distance to stop-gap anything that family might have brought.

Our newest CX arrived on Bastille Day ('81 CX 2400 Pallas Automatic) and the
paperwork came this week, so I have an itch to take that one somewhere.
Need to find a trailer so I could transport an A-series or a Panhard - a
trailer that isn't such a moose so it can be pulled by the CX.

If anyone is up in the Manitowoc area, especially after the 24th when any
usual precautionary isolation would normally be done, look me up.

All best and hope to see pictures of the cars!

Steve Weinert
Whitelaw, WI

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On 7/22/2021 10:12 AM, Mark Bardenwerper wrote:

Hey folks,

Don't forget about the Botham Vineyards show in a few weeks. We should
be seeing a fresh crop of recent acquisitions. My white Mercedes went
to a new home and now I have a pretty little Renault Alliance
convertible. Finally back to (pretty much) French car, but with a
Wisconsin birthplace.

What will you be driving?

Hey folks,

The microcar museum in Mazomanie has opened up again, following Covid and a
disastrous flood. Would anyone like to come up on Saturday and take a tour?
I was thinking early to mid afternoon.

Mark L. Bardenwerper, Sr.
Technology...responsibly, thoughtfully

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