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Keith Johnson

Chris, where are you located?

On May 24, 2021, at 10:06 AM, Chris Beebe <seebb7@...> wrote:

Greetings every one !

    Emily and I have been unsure of this picnic we've been hosting on for decades,   this corona virus has had its effects on everyone and most everything.   But, since I suspect we've all been fully protected by now with vaccines and time since,  we are safe to open our lives to outings again.    We decided to first wing it on just some of our musical friends,   and I thought to include (even at this late date) an invite to the Citroen folks,  just in case some of you might enjoy a visit, an outing or destination this coming Saturday afternoon, the 29th of May.

    If anyone thinks they'd like to make the picnic this Saturday, we'd like a RSVP so we know what to expect, lowering the surprise factor and let us better prepare. Previous years we asked folks to bring a dish to pass.

    ALSO, ...

I have considered to make the 100th celebration gathering of Citroën cars and folks an Annual thing when combined with the Botham show in August, but instead of someone providing the food and effort, (like the Vogel's did) everyone brings their own picnic goodies and wine to sip. Taking their own trash along with them also helps out.

  I'd like some feed-back over the Botham show weekend gathering.     Thanks !   Chris
Hi all,

If you are without plans Saturday 5/29 (Memorial Day Saturday), you and family are welcome to come to our place for Spaghetti. I'm hoping to have something ready by 4 or 5 pm; You are welcome to come as early as 2 to hang out and play tunes. Feel free to bring salads, garlic bread, dessert, beverages. Food contributions not required. 

We are expecting our son Graham and his three roommates from UW Milwaukee (all fully vaccinated).  We will also open this to some musical folks from Moldy Jam. Hoping to keep the numbers below 20 so I can share tunes with y'all.

Chris was asked to be at the Microcar museum re-opening in Mazomanie earlier in the day; he spent many hours/months restoring the little cars that got flooded in that terrible rainstorm several years ago. 

Please let us know if you think you might join us for our resurrected spaghetti picnic.


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