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Chris Beebe

What a fine selection of vehicles described here!    I'll be interested in seeing any of whatever shows up anywhere.  I'm sorry I didn't get the word out properly to this club of my gathering at my shop near Brooklyn last Saturday.   I'll do better next time.     Chris Beebe

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Quick French car update from up here in Whitelaw (Manitowoc):


  • ‘ 83 2CV6 remains on Washington Island - drove it last weekend, answering questions at every place we stopped.  This is the wife’s car and she really likes it for Island use. 
  • ’73 DSuper5 was blocked in by equipment this winter and needs the same final bits sorting out as when Mark helped me.  Winter plans didn’t happen.  Surprised that the wife is really "meh" about this car, so uncertain if I will keep it around.
  • ’81 CX Athena 5sp got dirty this winter as one of our employees uncovered it to move it and then left the cover off.  By the time I noticed that had happened it was already dirty enough that the cover couldn't go back on.  With a couple hours detailing, ready to go.  If I narrow down to just one CX then this one gets sold. 
  • ’61 Panhard PL-17 is ready to go.  Some minor trim still being sorted out to be show ready.  Wife doesn't know about this car, as I had one when we first dated, so she will get to see it around our anniversary this summer.  Some unique parts came from France during the lockdown and pretty happy with this car.
  • ’65 Panhard 24bt is ready to go.  Again found a couple trinkets for little details during the lockdown in France.  Even though my wife thinks it cute, I am too big for this car and  it is going to be sold once I put together an ad. 
  • ’69 Dyane-6 is mechanically ready to go.  I haven't put in the new door cards yet to finish the new interior, and remain undecided about my repainting plans.  I'm likely to sell/trade this one too. 
  • The Peugeot 504D sedans (’75 & ’76 )remain projects.  Green one had a fresh rebuild engine and the sable one has a rebuild that isn’t timed right and may need to come apart again.  They are going to go away once I get around to advertising them.  Simply lack of time here. 


Coming in late in May from extensive renovations at Citroen Andre's shop in Holland, is another ’81 CX.  This is a CX2400 Pallas Automatic a buddy bought for me in France last year.  Andre's shop did a very deep dive into the car getting it ready.  Everything from new main seals to radiator to headliner to all new brakes, to the usual spheres, tires and such.  This one is ready to go & show. 


I’m watchful but not aggressive, about finding a PL-17 wagon, either a PL-17 Cabrio (I should have kept the one I had) or 504 Cabrio, or a minty 604.  Kind of have given up on the idea of a C6 given the difficulties maintaining them in Europe much less here.  Wife thinks we should have a traction at some point.


Steve Weinert



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