ChrdPro integration: deCoda #informational

ChordPro Team

deCoda is a tool that quickly analyses an audio file, e.g. a song, and determines the parts, tempo, time signature and chords. It is developed by
ZPlane, a small German company that specializes in audio-technology tools.

Version 1.1 of deCoda has been released recently, and one of the new features is ChordPro integration. Straight from deCoda you can install ChordPro, if required [Windows only] and deCoda can produce nice chord charts using ChordPro. Really impressive!


Very interesting. Thanks for the hint.

I have been using Transcribe for years
A very helpful tool and not too difficult to use, but I have to do many things manually / by ear that deCoda claims to do automatically.

While browsing the web for more details I came across Sonic Visualizer
It's open source probably targeting to academic music research. With plugins from here it might be able to do similar things as deCoda.

On Transcribe's home page is a list of tools that might be helpful for transcribing:
Alas it is completely unspecified what each of these tools does, many are just speed changers / pitch shifters but Sonic Visualizer is also mentioned here