4- and 6-string chords in one website #informational #ChordPro

Martin Mucha

ad ChordsPro

I would like to use 4- and 6-string chords in one website:

- But I have to decide, if I want to use 4- or 6-String notation in the settings
- and than it always shows eg 6 strings - and I can’t change that on the chords Page - the pop-up alsways switches to the default settings.

Johan Vromans

I have the feeling you are not talking about the ChordPro reference implementation, avaiable from

ChordPro is the name for a file format to notate lead sheets for viewing and printing. Its official specification can be found at . Its reference implementation can be found at GitHub ( and CPAN (

ChordPro is a free and open file format, and its reference implementation is a free, open source, program.

There are many independent 3rd-party programs, web services and apps that implement something similar to the ChordPro file format, and several of these also call themselves ChordPro.

Unless you are running the actual reference implementation mentioned above we cannot help you. If you are using a web service, or a commercial program or app, it is definitely not ours. For support you have to address the company that developed the tool that you use.