Indent and add bar to Chorus when "quote" : false #resolved #ChordPro


Is it possible to offset and add bar to Chorus sections when "quote" : false?

My chordpro.json has the chorus section set like this:
    // Style of chorus.
    "chorus" : {
        "indent"     :  8,
        // Chorus side bar.
        // Suppress by setting offset and/or width to zero.
        "bar" : {
        "offset" :  4,
        "width"  :  2,
        "color"  : "red",
        "tag" : "Chorus",
          // Recall style: Print the tag using the type.
          // Optionally quote the lines of the preceding chorus.
          "recall" : {
            "tag"   : "Chorus",
            "type"  : "chorus",
            "quote" : false,
Which for this input:
{title: Swing Low Sweet Chariot}

Swing [D]low, sweet [G]chari[D]ot,

# Verse
I [D]looked over Jordan, and [G]what did I [D]see,

{Chorus: Repeat Chorus}

Results in this:

My desired result would look something like this mockup:

If it is possible, how would I indent and bar the "Repeat chorus" without quoting the previous Chorus?

Johan Vromans

Have you considered to use

{comment: Repeat Chorus}

This seems to produce exactly what you are looking for.

PS: In your config file, you specify in the recall "type": "chorus". Instead of "chorus" you must use the name of a known "font", e.g. "comment".


Not quite, it results in:
 | Chorus
 | Repeat Chorus
I also tried:
{start_of_chorus: Repeat Chorus}
Which results in:
 | Repeat Chorus
Which is closer and will have to do.

The "type": "chorus" was just a copy-paste error while trying different things. Thanks, I've corrected it.

Johan Vromans

I do not get the leading "Chorus" lines. What version are you running?


git master (chordpro --version reports 0.974_002)

Johan Vromans

Can you refresh your git (current is 0.974_050) and retry?


I've been tracking the master branch which is at  0.974_002, I switched to the dev branch (0.974_050) and I get no leading chorus lines. 

Johan Vromans

The dev version no longer uses the "tag" from the config file, but all sections can have margin labels. See

Does the dev version satisfy your original question?


It does indeed, thank you.