Re: Last update before Thanksgiving break.

Johan Vromans

Good job, stay safe!

Some feedback:

I do think that having different font settings for the modes is confusing, at least it doesn't add value.

As a live test I imported over 1000 .cho files (several sets in several groups). If i were to render a subset, multiple select really becomes important. Also, for the case of rendering, it would be nice if the order of files could be reordered (shuffling entries). Think a setlist, where the order of songs matter.

When I click on [+] By Status, I get an expanded list:

[-] By Status
   [+] Good
   [+] Needs edits
   [+] Unknown
      |- title 1
      |- title 2

Note that the sublists are expanded while stil displaying a [+]. After collapsing and again expanding this changes into a [-]. This only happens to the "by groups" and "by status" items. Also, I think by default sublists should not be expanded, as is the case with the other items.

Maybe worth considering: add cpdb specific meta data (status, group) to the songs.

{x_cpdb_status: Good}
{x_cpdb_groups: group1}

See .

When extracting a song you can ask whether the custom extensions must be retained, so they are useful upon subsequent import.

In the META_DATA (in the zip) please include the filename as well. Even though not used by the archiver, it makes visual inspection easier :).

Setting $" (, line 693) is frowned upon. Better (and easier) is to use

my $g = join(",",@groups)

Using a comma to separate the fields and the groups blocks augmenting the entries in the META_DATA. Maybe it is better to use a distinct separator for the groups. See also the numerous discussions on the format of CSV files. Best is probably to switch to a well defined and supported and flexible format like JSON.

Happy thanksgiving (whatever it is)!

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