Re: *.pro files archive manager? #needinfo

Johan Vromans

Gave it a try. Sorry to see that you went the Perl/Tk way... But that's okay, that's your decision.

One major point is that you spell ChordPro as Chordpro (with lowcase p). This means that the module can not be found and loaded. So you need to change all occurrences of App::Music::Chordpro to App::Music::ChordPro (with capital P).

The 'official' filename extension for ChordPro files is .cho (see e.g. The ChordPro gui accepts .cho, .crd, .chopro, .chord, .chordpro and .pro. Maybe it is a good idea to use the same list of extensions?

cpdb starts with an empty window (no file tree, nothing). When I do Options > Specify ChordPro directives something is displayed:

[+] By Filename
[+] By Title

When I expand By Filename I get a 'Leaf: 1' in the File Summary window.

I can import some songs (folder 'foo' and group 'g1') but I don't see anything in the display.

Attempt to Save gives error: Can't move /tmp/ to No such file or directory at /usr/lib64/perl5/vendor_perl/ line 251. Tk::Error: Failed to save archive at /home/jv/src/ChordPro/lib/App/Music/ChordPro/ line 154. App::Music::ChordPro::Archive::save at /home/jv/src/ChordPro/lib/App/Music/ChordPro/ line 154

There is a strange cpdbm.ini file created in the current directory.

Looking forward to the next update.

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