ChordPro and slash chords #windows #needinfo


I have an old Win32 Linux (Peppermint 10 distro) machine (Asus Eee PC) that I sometimes use to write and edit ChordPro files. I wanted to use ChordPro software to preview my files on that machine. I followed the installation instructions on the ChordPro site and experienced an UNUSUALLY long installation routine (took almost an hour) after installing the required PERL stuff. Parenthetically, after all that effort, would a clickable icon have been too much to hope for? :)
 When I was all done, I discovered that the installed version of ChordPro did not recognize "slash" chords (e.g. [A/C#] and threw error messages for files that contained them (although they did display properly in the Preview window). Is there some kind of fix for this or do I just ignore the errors and hope that MobileSheets will handle them ok when, for
example, transposing? Does anyone know if it does?
As a hack pianist, I do recognize that slash chords COULD be described more traditionally, but the slash style helps me realize how I should be  walking the bass line--I don't read the bass clef (a hazard of having been schooled solely on the accordion :) ). Thanks for any help.

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