locked sticky ChordPro 0.977 released #informational

Johan Vromans

A quick bugfix release to fix some bugs in 0.975 and 0.976.

This is the biggest release in the history of this program

If it breaks something please report to the User community or file an issue in the tracker.

ChordPro syntax

  • Support Pango Markup language.
  • Add basic support for annotations.
  • Add directives start/end_of_verse/bridge and short forms.

ChordPro functionality

  • Add PDF outlines (bookmarks).
  • Add CSV columns for sorttitle artist composer collection key year.
  • Revamp table of contens (finally).
  • Remove section handling (we now have labels).
  • Allow ~ expansion in file names.
  • Allow relaxed parsing of chords (root name + arbitrary).
  • Allow parsing of notes (chords with only a lc root name).
  • (Wx) Show filename in window title.
  • (Wx) Show asterisk if file is modified.

ChordPro configuration

  • Add split marker to be inserted between text phrases when the chord is wider than the phrase.
  • Add settings.suppress-empty-lyrics to suppress blank lyrics lines.
  • Add display property to chords to control the way they are displayed.
  • Add guitar-br.json with Brandt-Roemer compliant chord symbols.
  • Add meta variable songindex.
  • Add metadata sorttitle.
  • Add config settings for HTML backend.
  • Add font properties in fontconfig settings.
  • Add settings for chordnames and notenames.


  • Fix interpretation of directives and markup in tab sections.
  • Fix bug where some command line arguments did not properly support utf8.
  • Fix handling of {chorus: label}.
  • Fix problem where using a {chord} directive before any song lines would crash.
  • Fix problem where the tag of a grid was ignored.
  • Do not indent chorus labels when chorus indenting (issue #81).


  • Use Text::Layout to support Pango Markup language.
  • Use File::LoadLines.
  • New install kits for Windows and Linux based on ppl by Oliver Betz. You can find them on the GitHub release page.
  • Upgrade requirement for PDF::API2 to 2.035, Font::TTF to 1.05, Text::Layout to 0.014.
  • Packaged version no longer loads default config from chordpro.json. It is now really built-in.
  • Change CHANGES to Changes.

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