Re: OCA Choir Cues for 30th Sunday after Pentecost, January 16, 2022

Philip Sokolov

Nick Sooty wrote:

> I'm sure you've been questioned with this by others, but I would like
> some clarification on why you added the prokeminon and Epistle for St.
> Peter for this week. St. Tikhon's rubrics just have readings for the
> Resurrection. Is the Veneration of the Chains of Apostle Peter ranked
> for its own prokeminon and Epistle?

Dear Nick,

Yes, these readings are provided and prescribed by the Typikon. In the Typikon, only simple services may lack readings. At St. Tikhon's Monastery, at the direction of the Abbot, they omit most readings for saints of less than Polyeleos rank. Choir Cues provides them all, but we suggest you ask your Rector or Superior each week which readings he would like read. I do.

In Christ,
--Reader Philip Sokolov

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