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This group is designed to assist adoptive families of Chinese children to gain the information needed to make a successful birth parent search. This group has no constraints as to topics of discussion, etc. It really is designed as a forum for sharing information -- orphanages, "searchers," agencies, etc.

Membership are for those that have obtained a Birth Parent Search Analysis for their child ( In this way, we are striving to have everyone in the group be "on the same page" as far as the issues involved in searching in China.

I have blogged about our group and the reason for the restrictions here:

Our Birth Parent Search Analysis is the single most important step a family can take on their journey to a successful birth family search. By drawing together all of the information available about a specific orphanage, an adoptive family knows going in what challenges they will face, and what steps they should take. Additionally, our Birth Parent Search group is composed of experienced searchers, who are able to share their success and failures. We allow discussion on a wide range of topics, including individual searchers in China, which areas have the most serious complications, etc. It is a very active and informative group. By purchasing the BP report you will be invited into the group. The main goal is to achieve a level of familiarity and depth that is often lacking in other groups.

We look forward to having you part of our group, the largest China search group in the world.

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