3D Video Editing Software discussion at upcoming 3d-con


Dave Comeau wrote on the NSA Facebook page:
All this said, I believe Magix Movie Edit Pro is a decent viable alternative. It handles stereo adjustment and is good for those on a budget. We'll be running a workshop at 3D-Con on Saturday 8/14 at 12:30pm ET with Greg Perez. Perhaps there can be a discussion afterwards in the gather.town speakers lounge about other software Pluses and Minuses. And/or maybe someone might want to put together a Google Doc of current movie editing programs that support Stereo? And the doc would be open for people to update it, add their experiences, diff software etc. I'd love to do it but am swamped with all other preparation for 3D-Con. (And if you haven't registered, do it now! https://www.3d-con.com/registration.php )
Made this if anyone interested.