Catt's Crazy Saloon

Variety group for sharin',snaggin',and taggin',we share everything here,will do birthdays/anniversaries,will have MOTW,QOTD,play games,tag offers and requests,just all kinds of stuff,just sit back,share and snag,and play along  :) 

Thank you for your interest. If you'd like to join please take time to read our rules. If you won't follow the rules then there's no point in joining.

This is a sharing group, we share pretty much any and everything, blank tags, tubes, fonts, masks, accents, animations, alphas, scrap kits, comps, IM stats, whatever you have to share.
1. No drama, if there are any problems please bring them to us the owners. If you need to contact the owners our addresses are below. Do not post problems in the group, email owners privately or off list.
2. Everyone needs to share, this is a sharing group after all, just once a week, that is all I ask. If you do not share in 2 weeks then you will be removed. If for some reason you can not share please let us owner's know so we can work with you.
3. We are G-SAC rating, no nudity. Some skin showing is ok but nothing drastic. I have a 5 year old runnin' 'round and I am sure others have little kids and don't want them to see too much also, please mark your sends if they are SAC
4. If sharing on incredimail stats please put stat or letter in the subject line. Not everyone here has incredimail or can see IM stats, all they get is a blank email.

5. If things are sent that you don't like just delete and move on.  DO NOT write the sender complaining. If you feel you must complain tell the owners. .

6. If you request tags you must follow taggers rules. If you do not you may not get a tag(s). Taggers you do not have to tag for people who don't follow their rules.

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