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The Catskill 3500 Club is a hiking club dedicated to climbing the designated 33 peaks in the Catskill Mountains, provide stewardship to the mountains and education to members and the public . The Club attempts to lead a hike to each of the 33 peaks approximately once per quarter. The hike schedule is available to Club members and aspirants alike in our publication 'The Catskill Canister'.

Membership is attained by climbing all 33 peaks as well as climbing Slide, Balsam, Panther and Blackhead Mountains twice, at least once in winter for a total of 37 climbs.

This Internet discussion group is open to all who are interested in hiking in the Catskills. Feel free to discuss trip reports, ask questions on current conditions, etc. Do not use this board for any commercial purposes. We do not restrict other groups or individuals from posting Catskill area hikes on this board, but bear in mind that unless specifically stated, those hikes are not affiliated with the Club in any way, and are not covered by the Club's insurance.  

Posts that violate these rules, contain personal attacks, or are widely off topic will be removed, and the poster warned, publicly and privately. Repeated offenses may result in the user being banned.

The list owner is the Digital Content Chair of the Club.

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