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Our 1985 Catalina 30 Mk I has the 'deluxe' life lines with separate gate sections.  These gate sections attach to the lifeline with gate eyes and toggle bolts at the gate stanchion and to the stern railing with a pelican hook.  This makes it hard to open the gate from the dock and I usually have to board the boat to open the gate for my wife and any guests.  

NOTE:  This is only for those boats with separate gate sections.  If your lifeline is a single piece running the entire distance, this will not work for you.

  1. Purchase Harken 6mm pressed shackles or similar that your pelican hooks can fit into and whose pins .  
  2. Remove the gate sections.  On ours it was a simple matter of undoing the cotter rings and pulling the pin.  Be careful not to drop them over the side!
  3. Install the shackles into the gate eyes.
  4. Re-install the gate sections in the new orientation.  Toggle bolts on the stern rail and pelican hooks in the new shackles.
  5. Adjust the length with the adjusting screws as required.

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