moderated sticky Forum TIPS and TRICKS #admin


See tips here that may help members use this forum. -k 

Newest Tip - Any member can start a new hashtag- just append #thenewhashtag to the topic. 

Tip - Message signature: Add a signature and yout boat info (mk, yr, hull #, engine info, etc) to your message so folks have complete info when you ask a question. Log onto your C30 IO account.
Then under “Subscription” compose a signature
and click to use it for posting thru both the web and emails.  While you’re in there— there’s other setting to control how, when, and what type of messages you receive. 

Tip - Edit your message: A great option that we didn't have @ Y! - If your autocorrect screws up a message, to save face you can edit it at the web interface.
Just click on / open your message => at the bottom  click [Ξ More] => choose [Edit Message].
Then [Save and Resend] your edit.  Or [Delete] your original message.
A resent message will begin with “[Edited message follows]”. 
Please be mindful and considerate about resending very minor edits or typo corrections ;-)