FW: Selling Miracleau

Chet, N8RA


Well, the sale seems to have evaporated and so Miracleau is back "on the

Know anyone that wants a fine sailboat, that also is a beautiful waterfront
cottage in a slip or anchored out for the night?

(Thanks Ken K for earlier comments on listing a boat as one that is used and

We can negotiate +/- on included items and other, plus the broker has a deal
with the marina that would save a new owner thousands of dollars if they act

Chet S
SV: Miracleau
1977 C-30 MkI #633 SRSK Beta20
Westbrook, CT

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Subject: Selling Miracleau

Dear C30 list-mates,

It is with sadness that we have put Miracleau up for sale. My recent health
issues (hey, I'm 77 so am entitled to a bit of glaucoma or muscle pain, but
the onset of osteoporosis and recent spinal compression fractures) coupled
with the Captains' winter surgery have made the decision for us.

This was my spouse's dream, and for 11 years, Miracleau provided us and our
grandkids many enjoyable trips along the CT, RI, and Long Island, coasts,
harbors, rivers, and anchorages.

Being a first time ever boat for us; the comradery and advice from this
list was invaluable in making her a solid, safe, reliable, and beautiful
boat. After applying TLC to her during the first year, she then always got
us where we were headed and stayed secure if moored or anchored without
incident. Miracleau is a much better boat today than when we bought her 11
years ago.

Special thanks to:
Dan Metzler
Alan Gomez
Bill Sherman
Ken Kloeber
Neil Dutton
Brian Stannard
Max Munger
and many, many others.
It is hard to name you all, but we do thank you.

Miracleau's listing is not yet on the Brewer Yacht Sales Westbrook CT. site,
but we've already had showings and have now accepted an offer. But if that
falls thru, we will let you know so you can alert your friends who wish they
had a great C30.

Chet S
SV: Miracleau
1977 C-30 MkI #633 SRSK Beta20
Westbrook, CT
Chet S