Re: Pulling the M25 transmission for a rebuild and while I am in there


On Fri, Jun 14, 2019 at 11:00 AM, Steve wrote:
any comments?

Good find at a good price. They are ABAs (Scandvik) that WM now carries.  WM used to sell AWAB brand but I think ABA is a titch better.  One thing nice w/ ABA is the mini clamps (fuel lines, etc.)

I've also seen ABAs on Scamazon for more $$.  If I need just a 10 pack I typically get them from HPS or Ultimate Garage (Steve is a good guy) -- otherwise get what I need wholesale for larger projects.
Ultimate Garage

The hex head is, of course, a royal PITA.  If you use a 7mm bit in a multi screwdriver it will definitely end up under the oil pan and never be seen again.  Suggest getting a flex driver for these or with some ingenuity, 7mm nut driver insert, and epoxy -- dedicate an ABA multidriver to your tool bin.

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