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A group for the discussion and appreciation of the Cancan in all its forms, from its genesis in Paris during the Belle Epoche, to its appearance in London, San Francisco and The Old West.

The postings at Cancan and two other related MSN groups now reside at Blogger/Blogspot. You can access them at:

Club CCD
Classic Cancan
Kicking Up

Cancan Animation

You also might like to check out the Cancan Channels at Youtube, Daily Motion and Vimeo. Here are the links:

Playlist 1 (Barbebleu)
Playlist 2 (Barbebleu)
Playlist 3 (Barbebleu)
Playlist 4 (Le Flatline)

Playlist 5 (Tom Isa)
Playlist 6 (LCCB)
Playlist 7 (Dailymotion)
Playlist 8 (Vimeo)
Playlist 9 (Splitskirts)

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