A reminder of some of the rules concerning posting to CanadianGay:

Posting Guidelines:

I :     To post to the group simply address an e-mail to canadiangay@groups.io and attach a pic or vid to your e-mail. (jpg, gif, avi, divx, xvid, or mp4 only. Other file types tend to be too large.)

II : Limit the number of pics to 5 or 6 (and no more than 10). More does not automatically mean better.

III :     Be sure your attachments total less than about 5000kb (5MB). The email size limit is actually larger but some mail systems and mail apps have problems with larger than 5MB. Normal email encoding adds about 30% to the size on top of this.

IV :     You can help keep Canadiangay running smoothly by following these simple rules: PLEASE READ!

    1. Give each message a name and/or number on the "subject" line. Many mail systems treat emails without subjects as spam.

    2. Use the Bcc (Blind carbon copy) line when addressing to multiple addresses. That will save us from reading all those other group and individual addresses (or misusing them)

    3. Address personal comments and questions to the email address of the person you are talking to ... NOT TO ALL 700+ MEMBERS. It's ok to post comments or questions if they would be of general interest to the membership.

    4. Avoid posting copyrighted material, particularly full length movies or direct download links to them. I will automatically delete these. They could get the group deleted — or worse, get you prosecuted.

    5. AVOID REPOSTING materials which have already been posted on CanadianGay if you can.  It is also best to strip the original posting when replying to a posting, leaving just material needed to clarify what you have to say.

    6. Use good judgement... We do not tolerate child porn, racism, homophobia or anything that demeans other people. This includes FLAMING (Name calling, verbal abuse). Also try to avoid partisan politics and religious bias.

    7.  No Spamming or Advertising. I usually warn spammers who are long-time members that their address may have been hijacked first, and ban them on a second offence.

    8.  No zip or exe files. (They might contain Trojans or viruses)

    9. Do not add this site to Grouply. Grouply will 'use' your membership to spam this group and its members. Members that add this site to Grouply will be banned, as will members who send invitations to Boxbe!

    10. Direct any questions to the moderator (Ted) via private email:  yakkie1@mailcan.com

    11. No meaningless one-word or two-word comments such as Wow! Hot! Me too! Yum! I will just delete the posting.

    12. Use regular English, not texting shorthand! I will delete these also.


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