VIA #84 schedule change, Nov 15

Tom Box

The schedule of VIA #84 is changing effective November 15. The
train was missing from Reservia this morning and VIA rep Conrad
said it was because the schedule was being changed. I found a
new schedule at
The train showed up again in Reservia a little while ago with
the old schedule, but another VIA rep, Sylvie, tells me that's
wrong; the schedule really is changing.

The train will leave Sarnia at 08:40 instead of 06:10, and
arrive in Toronto at 13:38 instead of 10:53. The trip time
increases from 4 h 43 min to 4 h 58 min. The train has been
chronically late; I suppose the increased trip time is an
attempt to reflect reality better.

A 70-84 connection (e.g. for Windsor - Kitchener) will be
possible, with a 2 h 24 min layover in London. An 84-72
connection (e.g. for Sarnia - Brantford) will be possible with
a 52 min layover in London. 84-72 will get Sarnia passengers
to Toronto faster than staying on 84; as 72 arrives in Toronto
at 13:05 and 84 at 13:38.

Eastward connections in Toronto from #84 will be #66 to
Montreal (dep Toronto 15:17) and #46 to Ottawa (dep 15:32).
Same-day connections at Montreal for #28 to Quebec and #14
to Halifax will no longer be possible.

I haven't found any other schedule changes on Nov 15, but I
can't say for sure that there are none.

By the way, though Reservia shows some GO trains, it does not
show the new London trains. It shows the morning train, but
only from Kitchener to Toronto, not from London, St. Marys,
or Stratford. It doesn't show the afternoon train at all.
I don't know how it's decided which GO trains will be included
in Reservia and which will be left out.

Tom Box
tbox at ncf dot ca
Port Hope, ON, Canada

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