On This Date In California Weather History (November 15)

Kim Noyes

2015: An early season cold front raked the Mojave and Inyo Valleys with powerful wind gusts.
Wind gusts ranging from 51-54 mph were recorded at higher elevation on both sides of the Inyo Valley near Independence.
A semi truck was overturned on Highway 395 near Haiwee Reservoir in southern Inyo County by damaging wind gusts.
A 62 mph wind gust was recorded near Fort Irwin.

2008: Santa Ana winds blew from this day to 11/19.
Winds gusted over 70 mph in the Santa Ana Mountains and over 60 mph in the northern Inland Empire.
The Freeway Complex Fire burned from Corona through Chino Hills and Yorba Linda.
Due to the fire 40,000 people were evacuated and State Routes 91, 71, and 57 were temporarily closed.
Ultimately the fire would burn 30,305 acres and 361 structures,and would injure 14 firefighters.

A series of surge waves from a distant earthquake caused approximately 8 hours of jostling in Santa Cruz Harbor.
About a 4' range of tidal difference occurred causing damage to 7 docks.

2003:  A weakening cold front brought 5"-7" of new snow to the upper elevations of the Southern Sierra Nevada during the afternoon of the 15th. Gin Flat and Volcanic Knob reported 7" of new snow with Huntington Lake receiving 5". 

2000: Dense fog formed in a cold environment with temperatures at or just below 32° F along Highways152 and 33 in West Merced County and Fresno County (Dos Palos, Kerman) and less than 600 foot visibility along roadways on the east side of the Central Valley. 
Around the Fresno County citrus belt, overnight low temperatures dropped to 28° F at Clovis, Navelencia, and Riverbend.  

1998: Dense fog formed at Merced by 2245 PST on 11/14/98, subsequently following at Fresno by 0156 PST. 
The Dense Fog Advisory had been issued for widespread fog at 0010 PST on 11/15/98. 
A spotter from the Livingston area confirmed dense fog of less than100 feet visibility at 0748 PST on 11/15/98.

1981: Strong winds damaged power lines in the Reno, NV area.
In some areas power was out for 24 hours.
There was extensive damage to roofs, trees, and vehicles.
An unofficial wind gust of 101 mph was reported in southwest Reno.

1972: Snow blankets the southern Sierra from the 14th-17th with heavy amounts as low as 6,000 feet: Lodgepole received 39" of snow and Grant Grove 30".

1964: A storm dropped a total of 4" of snow at McCarran Airport.
The reduced visibility resulted in the crash of a plane 12 miles southwest of Las Vegas,NV, that killed all 28 passengers.

1964: For the second day in a row Alpine reported a trace of snowfall. 

1958: The morning low temperature at Reno, NV was 7° F.

1952: Laguna Beach residents got a rare surprise when it started snowing. Officially a trace of snow was reported, the only time snow has ever been reported in the city in November.

1952: 1" of snow whitened the ground at Mojave.

1916: Santa Rosa had a low temperature of 21° F -- a record for the month.

Source: NWS San Francisco/Monterey, Hanford, Reno, Las Vegas, & San Diego 


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