California Green Burial Network

Information exchange for members of the public, professionals, and green cemeteries, for local and state-wide efforts encouraging California Green Burial Council certified services in California.

The focus of this network is for planning and advocacy for green (natural) burials, at the personal, community, and state-wide level, within the state of California. 

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A green burial is generally less expensive and less toxic to the environment. It also permits a more personal and natural relationship between the living and the dead, humans and the land at a time of shock, grief, and confusion.

The 4 core tenets of green burial are:

  1. No Embalming

  2. No Burial Vaults or Grave Liners

  3. No Impervious Containers

  4. Preserves or Restores Natural Habitat

In addition to the messaging service, this website provides a Files section containing documents relevant to green burial in California, and an Information Wiki:

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