Re: The next Cal-QRP Club Kit

Michael N6MST

On Tue, Apr 23, 2019 at 12:52 PM, John wrote:
but ho does the memeber from toronto,canada who cant attend get a kit?
John ve3ips
J.C. W6IPA is going to post a parts list and manual as well as Gerber files for the circuit board. You can download the Gerber files and then send them to a PCB shop (there are a number of them out there, the one I've successfully used in the past is called AllPCB and they're in China) and they will print and mail you the board(s) you ordered. You would be in charge of sourcing everything on the parts list yourself, but with part numbers it should be a pretty simple ordeal. So, you send off the Gerber files to be printed and while that's happening you round up all the parts. When your board shows up in the mail you have everything you need to build the keyer. It's really quite an interesting and educational way to build something!

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