More Siskiyou County Locations


Debbie Karalun and I revisited a few more spots in Siskiyou County today Monday, June 22.

Collier Rest Area on I5 North of Yreka 10 AM
What a difference from the afternoon 2 days ago.

1 American Rubyspot
A few NoBo Bluets
Around 10 Emma's Dancers
Maybe 50 Sinuous Snaketails, some on the lawn, perching on the fence, perching in the riverside vegetation, and flying over the river.
A few Flame Skimmers

Pumice Stone Well 1 PM
Over 10 Emerald Spreadwings (Couldn't find male Lyre-tipped)
2 Pacific Forktails
Many Western Forktails
Over 20 NoBo Bluets (3 in hand were Boreal Bluet)

A few Green Darners and Rhionaeschna Darners
Over a dozen American Emeralds
4 Eight Spotted Skimmer
10+ Twelve Spotted Skimmer
4 Dot-tailed Whiteface
5 Variegated Meadowhawk
1 Striped Meadowhawk
2 Black Saddlebags

Orr Lake 4:30 PM
Many NoBo Bluets ( 2 Northern and 2 Boreal in hand)
Numerous Western Forktail
Numerous Pacific Forktail
Darners were much lower in number from the evening 2 days ago.
A handful of Green Darners 
1 California Darner seen perched and less than 10 Rhionaeschna flying
8 Beaverpond Baskettails
1 Common Whitetail
20+ Dot tailed Whiteface
10+ Eight Spotted Skimmer
 A few Twelve Spotted Skimmers
A few Four Spotted Skimmers

Doug Karalun
Highland, CA

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