Running CabConverter under Catalina (10.15.x) or later #file-notice

NE1RD B. Scott Andersen

Attention Catalina users: 

Apple continues to tighten its security policies with each new release. You may have noticed you must now grant specific applications access to the Documents or Photos directories. CabConverter may be bumping into those same security checks which are preventing the program from finding its recipes and loading log files.

I have uploaded two files into the Files area in the "Java Permissions help" folder. They are:
* policy.all
* and

I suggest that users who are having problems with CabConverter on 10.15 or later start the application from the command line instead of just double-clicking on the icon. The "" script will start CabConverter using this policy file -- and that should grant the permissions we need for the application.

I also suggest opening the System Preferences and clicking on the "Java" icon. This will present you with a button to start the Java Control Panel in a separate window. Open that window and click on the "Security" tab. Ensure that the security level is "High" and NOT "Very High". Click the "High radio button to change it if necessary.

Also, you should add an entry to the "Exception Site List". Click on the "Edit Site List..." button to pop up the "Exception Site List" window. Click the Add button and add the entry 


Click OK when you are finished. It will give you a warning: click Continue. Then click OK to close that popup window. You may now click OK to close the Java Control Panel.

I am unable to reproduce some of the problems I've heard about, so I need some help debugging this. If you are a Catalina user, and you are having problems, please try these steps and let us know if it helped. Thank you and 73 de NE1RD.

-- Scott (NE1RD and author of CabConverter)

NE1RD B. Scott Andersen


It might be more simple than I had thought. (Thanks to K1IG for the tip!) 

In the System Preferences there is a "Security & Privacy" icon. Select it.
This will bring up the "Security & Privacy" panel. Click on the "Privacy" tab.
Click on the "File and Folders" item along the left side of the panel. 
This lists the applications and the corresponding permissions for them.
Ensure that any java entries have access to the Documents folder as shown below.
(There might be two java entries because there may be multiple instances of Java on your machine.)

If you allow Java access to the Documents folder in this way, and if you still don't get recipe files
appearing in the drop down menu within CabConverter, please let me know. 

Thank you and 73!

-- Scott (NE1RD and author of CabConverter)