Running CabConverter in Big Sur

NE1RD B. Scott Andersen


The new MacOS 11 "Big Sur" has brought some changes that impact Java, the tool I used to build CabConverter. Specifically, it looks like there isn't a good way to give Java permissions to view your disk directly. This means we can no longer just double-click the Jar file for CabConverter and have it work. BUT, CabConverter works fine if you start it from the terminal application. I've made a quick YouTube video showing how to do this.

In short:

1. Make sure the CabConverter.jar file is in your home directory/folder. That makes it easy to find.
2. Start the terminal application.
3. From the prompt type "java -jar CabConverter.jar"

CabConverter will start and MacOS will begin challenging you, asking if the Terminal application should be able to have access to your Documents directory. Say yes. If you try to open an ADIF file that you've put on your desktop, MacOS will challenge you again asking if Terminal should be able to access your desktop. If you give CabConverter permission to access the disk locations when prompted, it should work as before.

Apple is trying to do a good thing here: making sure applications that run on your machine are not doing mischief. Denying random apps access to your disk is a good way to protect you. Our problem is Apple didn't give us an easy way to grant Java applications such permissions. This work-around gives us a path forward.

A big shout out to Philip Alley for doing a Zoom session with me yesterday, and helping me debug this problem.

As always, I'm here, along with Rich (AB1HD) and David (M0XDF), to make sure you can get your log converted and your Cabrillo entry submitted. Please let us know if you have any problems.

Thank you,

-- Scott (NE1RD and author of CabConverter)

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