CabConverter 2 has reached its end of life. We strongly recommend that all Macintosh-based contesters use Skookum Logger (available in the Apple App store) going forward. Moderators are still here answering questions. We are not abandoning the software, but support, especially on newer MacOS versions, will be limited.

Thank you and 73,

-- Scott (NE1RD and author of CabConverter)

CabConverter 2 (TM) is an Apple(R) Macintosh(R)-based program that helps amateur radio contesters by converting a QSO log into the Cabrillo file format suitable for submittal to a  contest sponsor. CabConverter 2 is offered with a very generous license and is free to use. CabConverter 2 is also user-extendable: you can add contests yourself and share them with the CabConverter 2 community!

CabConverter is meant to be used with Dog Park Software's MacLoggerDX though it may work with other logging programs. See the MacLoggerDX home page for more information on MacLoggerDX.

For an introduction video showing how to install and use CabConverter, click here VIDEO

MacOS "Big Sur" users, you need to run from the Terminal application.

For instruction on
How to run CabConverter from the Terminal application click here VIDEO.

See this message for detailed instruction for running from the Terminal application: Link to message

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